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About Your Newborn Session

Congratulations!! I am so excited to take your newborn's first photos! You will treasure these photos and will forever look back on them and see how small he/she once was.


Below is some important info for your newborn session (including my address and phone number) so it goes as smoothly as possible. Newborn sessions typically last 3-4 hours and are not rushed at all.

If siblings are included then please let me know before your session so we can go over times for family photos. Also, please let me know any photo ideas you have in mind before your session so I can be sure to have everything setup.


If you have any questions at all then email me at:


Congratulations again!! Can't wait! ~Alicia




- Address/Phone #: My address is 28 Gloria Avenue in Tyngsboro, MA (dark blue house on the corner of Robert Rd and Gloria Ave — Feel free to park in the driveway!). Here is my number in case you need to get in touch with me: 978-551-1749



- Length: Newborn sessions typically last 3-4 hours. They are very relaxed and not rushed so there is plenty of time to feed and soothe your baby.



- Feedings: If you are breastfeeding, try to avoid any caffeinated/acidic foods/drinks 24 hours before your session in case it upsets his/her stomach. The day of the session: try to hold off on their latest feeding until you get here (or right before you leave your house) then that would be good so you can feed them right when you get here and they will be nice and full. When you get here you can strip them down to their diaper and wrap them in a blanket to feed them. Also, if you could try to keep them awake 1-2 hours before the session so they will sleep well during the photos (giving him/her a bath or tickling their toes are some ideas that parents have tried to keep them awake). Otherwise if they sleep for 3 hours right before then it’ll be really hard to get them to sleep during their session. If you need to feed him/her during the session then feel free to take breaks — If he/she ends up falling asleep on the drive to my home then don’t worry about it, babies have their own schedule



- Parents/Families — What to Wear & Bring: Parent Photos — If you are doing parent photos then I suggest wearing a black/grey solid shirt. Family Photos with Siblings — Simple clothing (no patterns, logos, large text). If you want to coordinate some different colors that would look good together (For an example: blues, whites and greys) — Not everyone wearing the same exact color. Feel free to bring a couple different outfits if you are unsure of what to wear (I suggest bringing an extra change of clothes anyways, just incase baby has an accident on you!). I usually do parent photos at the end of the session (unless we are doing family/sibling photos first), so if you would like then you can change or do your hair/makeup while I am doing the first half of photos. Sessions usually last 3-4 hours, feel free to bring any drinks or snacks with you.



- Baby: Your newborn will be naked in the majority of the photos—Outfits become too distracting for newborn photos and takes away the focus of your new little one. Also, changing a newborn a bunch of times into different outfits will disrupt them from the deep sleep we want them in. But, if you do have a special outfit that you would like them photographed in then let me know and we can try.



- Temperature: So you know a head of time, my home is going to be really warm (around 80-85 degrees) so he/she is comfortable and it keeps them asleep. It will be really hot for us, but they will be comfortable! Keep this in mind when deciding what to wear that day.

- Special Photos/Items: If you have any special photos that you have in mind then let me know a head of time and I’ll be sure to do them. Or if you have any special items that you would like to incorporate.



- Other: Please try to limit the amount of adults that come to the session (at the most 3 adults)—My studio space is not that big and gets crowded quickly. If you are wanting sibling photos please be sure to tell me a head of time so we can figure out a schedule. Check List of Items You May Want to Bring — Pacifier, Extra Formula, Diapers, Wipes, Drinks or Snacks for yourself, Blanket, Boppy, Headbands, Hats, Special Items, Stuffed Animal, Books, Change of Clothes for Yourself



- Payment: After paying the $40 deposit $160 is due at the time of your session. If you would like to do the “Watch Me Grow” package (newborn, 6 month and 1 year session — you save $50 by booking all 3 at once) then $310 is due. [If you have purchased the maternity/newborn package then you are all set!] I accept cash, check or you can pay online with debit/credit through PayPal. Checks can be made out to Alicia Kathryn Photo-Design


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