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About Your Newborn Session


Congratulations!! I am so excited to take your newborn's first photos! You will treasure these photos and will forever look back on them and see how small he/she once was.


Below is some important info for your newborn session (including my address and phone number) so it goes as smoothly as possible. Newborn sessions typically last 3 hours and are not rushed at all.

If siblings are included then please let me know before your session so we can go over times for family photos. Also, please let me know any photo ideas you have in mind before your session so I can be sure to have everything setup. 


If you have any questions at all then email me at:


Congratulations again!! Can't wait! ~Alicia

****If anyone in your household is sick, or anyone you have been in contact with recently is sick YOU MUST RESCHEDULE****
There is a strict illness policy at Alicia Kathryn Photo-Design
If any family coming in for sessions (this includes children as well as parents or anyone attending) is not feeling well (cough, runny nose, cranky from getting sick, etc) or has a fever the night before/morning of we need to reschedule**
They must be fever free WITHOUT meds for 24-48 hours
I work with a lot of newborns each week (some just coming home from the NICU) that I cannot risk getting sick.



**Important: If anything happened during labor that would affect newborn posing then please let me know ASAP (for an example: dislocated/broken collar bone, etc).

If baby was circumsized please be sure area is completely healed, if not then best to reschedule so baby isn't in pain during posing.



- Address/Phone #: 

My address is 33 Brookview Drive in Pelham NH (green house with black shutters on the corner of Nashua Rd and Brookview Dr). When you get here you can park right in the driveway, Go to the rear entry door of the garage under the deck. 

Here is my number in case you need to get in touch with me: 978-551-1749 (please only use this number for day of shoot).

Masks are optional - My assistant and I will still be wearing masks for all sessions. Shoes will be removed before entering studio - There is a closet area for shoes/coat.



- Length: 

Newborn sessions are around 2-3 hours. They are very relaxed and not rushed so there is plenty of time to feed and soothe your baby. Please make sure that the day you have your session booked for that you do not have any other appointments that day. Feel free to bring laptop/tablet if you have some work to do. While my assistant and I pose and take photos you will be at the sitting area so you can sit back and relax!



- Feedings: 

If you are breastfeeding, try to avoid any caffeinated/acidic foods/drinks 24 hours before your session in case it upsets his/her stomach.

The day of the session: try to hold off on their latest feeding until right before you leave your house, then once they get here if they need to be topped off at all then you can feed them then. 

Also, if you could try to keep them awake 1-2 hours before the session so they will sleep well during the photos (giving them a long bath will keep them awake). Otherwise if they sleep for 3 hours right before then it’ll be really hard to get them to sleep during their session.

If he/she ends up falling asleep on the drive to my studio that's fine

**When you come here, please dress him/her in a one piece sleeper (with a zipper or buttons). That way it will be easy to slip off without disturbing/moving them too much**



- Parent/Family Photos — What to Wear: 

Baby will be either naked/swaddled for these photos so the focus is on the baby.

Parent Photos — If you are doing parent photos then I suggest wearing a solid black/grey shirt (I also suggest bringing a change of clothes in case of accidents). It will be very warm during the session (80-85) so be sure to dress in layers, short sleeve shirt and shorts is recommended.

Parent poses are done at the very end of the session so if you need to do your hair/makeup then there is plenty of time to do so (if there is a sibling then parent shots are done at the beginning of session rather than the end).

Family Photos with Siblings — Simple clothing (no patterns, logos, large text). If you want to coordinate some different colors that would look good together (For an example: blues, whites and greys) — Not everyone wearing the same exact color.

For sibling photos I suggest them being barefoot rather than wearing shoes (you pretty much only see the bottom of the shoes in photos)

**Sibling photos are done at the very beginning of the session and then parent/family member brings them home.

Baby will be swaddled for sibling photos so you don't have to worry about bringing outfits. This way if they are awake during sibling photos we do not have to worry about them moving their hands and feet all over the place - Also, a lot of newborn clothes end up being too big on them.

Please bring toys to get siblings attention or a special snack to give them after photos.



- Baby: 

When you come here, please dress him/her in a one piece sleeper (with a zipper or buttons). That way it will be easy to slip off without disturbing/moving them too much. Your newborn will be naked in the majority of the photos—Outfits become too distracting for newborn photos and takes away the focus of your new little one. Also, changing a newborn a bunch of times into different outfits will disrupt them from the deep sleep we want them in. But, if you do have a special outfit that you would like them photographed in then let me know and we can try at the very end - Please try the outfit on a head of time to see if it is too big for them.



- Temperature: 

So you know a head of time, my home is going to be really warm (around 80-85 degrees) so he/she is comfortable and it keeps them asleep. It will be really hot for us, but they will be comfortable! Remember they were in 98.6 temperature for 9 months not too long ago :)

Keep this in mind when deciding what to wear that day, dress in layers - Shorts suggested if you are not good with heat.



- Special Photos/Items: 

**If you have any special photos that you have in mind then please let me know before your session. If you have specific props in mind that you want used please let me know now so I can have everything setup a head of time.



- Other/What to Bring: 

Please limit to only the parents attending the session — My studio space is not that big and gets crowded quickly. If you are wanting sibling photos please be sure to tell me a head of time so we can figure out a schedule.

Check List of Items You May Want to Bring — Pacifier, Extra Formula, Diapers, Wipes, Drinks or Snacks for yourself, Blanket, Boppy, Headbands, Hats, Special Items, Change of Clothes for Yourself, Laptop, Tablet.

** Please bring a pacifier without a stuffed animal attached as these are easier to use during posing - Even if baby does not use a pacifier please bring one - It will only be used for a few seconds in case they need to be soothed in between posing.



- Payment: 

        Newborn Session Only: $100

        All prints/digitals are purchased separately.


        "Watch Me Grow”:  $300 [newborn, 6 month and 1 year package]

          All prints/digitals are purchased separately after each session.


Payment Methods: Cash or PayPal - If you do not have a PayPal account that is ok, you will receive an email with the invoice and you can check out as a guest and enter in credit card info.



- After Your Session:

I usually post a "sneak peek" on facebook so you can show off your new little one to family/friends. If you do not want one posted then please let me know. 

4 weeks after your session you will receive an email with a link to view your gallery and purchase any prints/flash drive/collections. Gallery will be available for 2 weeks (order must be placed before gallery expiration date - $50 reopening fee) and you will be able to show family/friends.

Below are the print/digital collections in case you need to look through them again:


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