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Abigail - 1 Year!

Abigail's mom said that she wanted a shabby chic setup with pink, cream and gold....this turned out to be one of my favorite setups for little girls. I love all of the flowers and colors together :)

Abigail is so beautiful and gave us lots of smiles...there were a couple of crying ones but those are always so cute too! lol.

Luckily, Abigail's parents tested a cupcake beforehand and found out that she was allergic to eggs, so we didn't end up doing a full cake smash (just a couple of photos with her and the cake), but we did watermelon instead and it's so cute!! Here are a few from her 1 year cake/watermelon smash!

Alicia Kathryn Photo-Design

NH Newborn Photographer - Newborn through First Year

NH Newborn Photographer, MA Newborn Photographer, Southern New Hampshire Photographer, NH Baby Photographer, Boston Photographer, Boston Newborn Photographer, NH Photographer, MA Photographer, Hudson Photographer, Pelham Photographer

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